Sofas with a fresher and more cheerful young look

Sofas with a fresher and more cheerful young look

Carlos Yagüe

Chat, connect to networks, buy on-line, watch series and games, have dinner ... In a house of students, friends and roommates there is a lot of movement and activity around sofa. Check out this sofa selection, They are comfortable, beautiful and at a great price.

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The living room is one of the areas that you are going to share the most, that's why your sofa has to be resistant and comfortable.

his color It will define the personality of the space, but it will be the cushions and other details in contrast that will fill it with life.

Options depending on space: a two-seater sofa and light armchairs, like here, only one in the form of L or two two-seater.

Sofa Iceberg, by Maisons du Monde, in 160 x 78 x 84 cm (€ 379).

Interior design, of Masfotogénica.

An elegant indigo blue sofa

To buy 293,99 €

With a double button on the back and an elegant indigo blue, this sofa integrates well into modern, Nordic and airy living rooms vintage. It measures 172 x 70 x 82 cm. In

Sofa with table

To buy 1.190 €

A sofa so functional that it incorporates a practical table so that you have books and your devices at hand, and to place a lamp on it. In oak and wicker wood, sofa Delphes, by Maisons du Monde, with removable linen upholstery. It measures 215 x 80 x 70 cm.

Multicolor covers

To buy 349 €

Get an additional cover to change the color and style of the sofa whenever you want and, incidentally, the image of the living room. Here, the model Klippan, of Ikea, is wrapped in the Förnyad multicolored. You will find other options to renew it for € 30 and € 60.

Exchangeable armrest and backrest

To buy 799 €

Would you like to incorporate a piece of furniture created by a famous designer? Well, this sofa is from British Tom Dixon, who has created a whole series -Delaktig- for Ikea. Removable and with aluminum structure, you can change the place of backrest and armrests, and use it as a bed for a friend. It measures 204 x 84 x 79 cm.

Sofa bed

To buy 231,08 €

The sofa bed you need at an irresistible price (€ 199.50 on Igor It measures 188 x 77 x 82 cm and becomes a bed with a clack click opening system, without effort.

In orange velvet

To buy 1,199 and € 1,399

To any fan of retro furniture, the model Melchior, with your look fifties, will fascinate you. Upholstered in an orange velvet is pure energy, although gray, blue and mustard is also ideal. In Habitat, in two and three seats, it measures 172/207 x 89 x 93 cm.