20 trends that will triumph this year in kitchens

20 trends that will triumph this year in kitchens

If the design of your kitchen needs a change, or you have just tired of the color palette, this is the perfect time to get to work with the kitchen of your dreams! But ... are you aware of the latest trends?

"This year the wood will be taken to the natural, the contrasts of colors, the textures, the metals and the look industrial, "says bespoke furniture maker Schmidt.

"Custom kitchens will be the big trend of 2018," adds Sinead Trainor, kitchen manager at LochAnna Kitchens. "At the end of 2017 we saw striking colors and textures emerge in the kitchen doors, a trend that will continue this year. Solid color mixtures with wood textures will continue to take place, while more industrial finishes such as the concrete effect will be consolidated. In fact, consumers will dare with new styles and color ranges. "

Check out the trends one by one!

1. Daring colors

"The striking colors will continue to be very popular during 2018, focusing mainly on the Scandinavian style with bold touches of colors, or launching for maximalism, with a lot of contrast of tones," said Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio. "The use of color in the kitchen is very important, and should reflect the personality of the owners and their needs. For example, the space for cooking should be bright and bright, while places for entertainment can be a bit darker to create a suitable environment. "

2. Delicate cakes

"The pastel colors are perfect to give the kitchen a fun air, especially when used as finishes to create contrasts," says Schüller team. "For all those who want to add personality to the kitchen but do not dare with a range of striking colors, cakes are the best option, and combine fantastically with gray palettes and wood finishes. But if you are looking to highlight an area specifically, choose cakes in blue, yellow, pink or green. "

Photo: Schüller is the color of the moment in kitchens! But the most successful are undoubtedly dark tones. "This year, the biggest trend in kitchens as far as color is concerned, will be blue," say BA Components. "This trend is perfect for all those who dare with a striking and striking kitchen."

Photo: John Lewis of Hungerford

4. Warm colors and golden touches

"Golds have been in fashion for a while, but this year they will be combined with brown and organic materials," says Papilio. "The mixture of neutral colors, gold, and organic textures, creates a warm space with a slight seventies essence. The look boho not only adapts easily to other colors, but also combines perfectly with timeless designs. "

Photo: Papilo

5. Multifunction Islands

"The designs are usually planned according to space, but the islands are still protagonists, in fact, many large kitchens have chosen to have two," said experts at Kitchens International. "Many of them have a breakfast bar or include an area with stools ideal for adding a dining room in the kitchen."

Trainor, from LochAnna Kitchens, adds: "An island or breakfast bar can be used at the same time as a storage space and place to eat. Although if you want to make it more functional, add a small sink or countertop so that everyone can help when of cooking. "

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

6. Main shelves

Open shelves are becoming increasingly famous, and in addition to being ideal as a storage space, they are also perfect for adding a personal touch to the kitchen, exposing beautiful accessories or even gourmet products as if they were a collection of art. "It's also a great idea to put plants in the kitchen, like ivy or succulents," says Papilio.

The Kitchens International team believes that: "Open shelves with interior lighting generate a more cozy kitchen and are gaining popularity on the islands."

But hidden storage will be "more important than ever to hide old kitchenware you don't want to show, or food products," says Trainor of LochAnna Kitchens. "Internal drawers, removable storage systems, and tall pantries will also make their way into new kitchens."

Photo: Schüller. "In recent years, the sale of such doors has increased by 16%," says Kieran McCracken of BA Components. "The doors shaker they offer a distinguished and practical style that meets the demand of those looking for a traditional monochrome design with a matt finish. "

Photo: Matt Denim, Matt Dove Gray Aldridge Kitchen, Bella collection, BA Components

8. The shooters return

The look Minimalist without accessories was very fashionable in the kitchens during the past year, but according to LochAnna Kitchens, "the shooters will return."

"Opt for flirtatious handles instead of those modern finish cabinets, and if you have a style kitchen shaker, adds details in copper or rose gold, "says Trainor." There is also a strong tendency to combine accessories and appliques in copper and rose gold, as alternatives to the classic stainless steel and black. "

Photo: Getty

9. Hidden lighting

Light is key to a good design, and the idea of ​​adding 3 hanging lamps in rectangular kitchens or on the islands, is simply perfect. "Hanging lamps can be very useful when it comes to cooking," says Simon Wallis-Smith of Fritz Fryer. "We recommend combining them with LED lights under the cabinets, which illuminate the work surface. And depending on the size of the kitchen, you can also add lights strategically above the cabinets."

Lighting under cabinets and countertops is a simple way to change the atmosphere of the area, something that Papilio has witnessed with a lot of customers. "Hidden LED lights can be placed under work surfaces making the kitchen a place of entertainment ... it is an easy way to illuminate the room while adding contrast," they comment.

Angus Mackintosh, of Kitchens International, adds: "The light lines incorporated in the drywall are very fashionable in the buildings of modern architecture, and I hope that the trend reaches the kitchens."

Photo: John Cullen Lighting

10. Various ovens

"Today's society lives constantly busy, so it makes sense to think about cooking several dishes at once," Papilio explains. "In addition, having several ovens in the kitchen can create a design as spectacular as the one we see in the picture."

But apart from the ovens, "we have also been asked for several sinks, washing machines ... You just have to make sure there is enough space for it," they explain.

Photo: The Chef's Kitchen, Papilio

11. Smart kitchens

"The development of smart appliances is moving very fast, and if you are thinking of designing a new kitchen this year, you should not do without them. Home appliances with Wi-Fi, for example, allow you to remotely control the kitchen, and steam ovens or vacuum packers will make cooking faster, easier and maintaining the taste of food, "say Kitchens International.

On the other hand, Papilio has perceived an interest in "integrating music and lights that can be controlled from the same site, as well as work surfaces that include mobile charging platforms."

Specifically, the Amazon Dash button and Google Home have become indispensable in smart kitchens, making it possible for consumers to buy, play music or find recipes at the touch of a button, or by the sound of their voices.

But one of the most successful appliances is Zip Tap. "With the touch of a button, Zip Tap transforms tap water into boiling or cold, crystalline water."

12. Copper and metal mixture

"Copper will continue to be a trend during this year, especially combined with warm colors," says Papilio.

But you will not only find it in the taps, although it is true that, along with the sinks, they are gaining a lot of popularity.

"You can focus attention at any point by adding copper doors, handles, ovens, sinks ...", adds Papilio. "If you combine them with metallic finished appliances they can look great. SMEG has several in black, white, red, blue, mint and other colors that will look ideal if you mix them with copper, silver or bronze."

13. Multifunction sink

"Why not have a sink that, in addition to cleaning the dishes, allows you to cool oysters, champagne, or even grow plants?" Asks Papilio. "It is the perfect addition for all those who want to give a surprising touch to your home."

14. Industrial style with metals and concrete effect finishes

The industrial style with concrete effect finishes, or open metallic shelves will continue to gain fame, as they claim in Kitchens International.

"The design of the kitchens, the fronts, and the finishes, are the best way to get a personalized style," says Schüller. "Thanks to metals, storage has come out of the closets conceiving kitchens with character that combine personality and functionality."

Photo: Schüller to get eye-catching patina. "There are several ways to achieve this type of finish, whether by oxidation, chemical treatments, or heat, but all of them will give the kitchen a striking and very personal look.

Photo: The Copper Kitchen, Papilio

16. Walls with vegetation

"The walls with vegetation will be a success in 2018," says Papilio. "The plants have been in fashion for several years, but now the last are the walls with moss."

Papilio comments that it is a "simple concept but visually stunning, and also natural moss provides excellent sound absorption."

17. Latest appliances

Pastel colors are increasingly common in kitchen appliances, especially in pink, green and light blue tones, while brightness continues to gain popularity.

Stylus says brands are using natural materials to add a touch of artisanal luxury to their appliances. "Wood veneers, cork, and leather generate a nice contrast with technological devices and synthetic materials, making appliances combine gracefully with the rest of the furniture."

18. Natural wood

Consumers have begun to worry more about the choice of materials, so it is possible that throughout 2018 there will be an increase in the demand for elm and walnut wood, Papilio believes. "These materials add texture to the kitchen, and conceive some cabinets and impact shelving. The use of quality wood will certainly increase."

19. False marble and stone countertops

"The last material that has revolutionized countertops is the Neolith, as it offers a modern and practical finish, "says Papilio."Neolith It is manufactured with 100% natural materials, extreme heat and a lot of pressure, achieving the most durable surface that exists today in the market. The range includes satin or polished finishes, among others. "

20. Multi-user kitchens

"The design of a kitchen should cover equally the needs of disabled people in wheelchairs, and those of the rest of the tenants," explains the KBSA specialist.

"Multi-user kitchens are a booming demand, and include the creation of mobile work surfaces, appliances and tables," said Kitchens International.

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