How to get the perfect closet closet

How to get the perfect closet closet

Maintain order and good organization It helps to make better use of the cabinets and find everything at the first. Follow these tips to make the most of the space.


What you wear and what you don't. As a starting point, you should separate clothes by seasons and use. Keep everything you use on hand, and in high or less accessible places, what you only wear from time to time. Sort by categories and get rid of everything that has long been forgotten in a corner of the closet: it is rule number 1 of the expert in order Marie Kondo. Otherwise, it will remain there indefinitely.

Store vertically. Another of its most effective tricks is to fold the garments with few folds, so that they do not crumple, and place them vertically - one next to another - in drawers and shelves. Clothes occupy less and it is easy to locate without messing up everything else.

Cabinets with two bars. Have one at the top, for long garments, and another below, for short ones. And the heaviest (coats, jackets, etc.) on the left, and the lightest, on the right.

The suitcases, an extra storage space. Place them on top of the closet and use them to store blankets, quilts, pillows ... As for scarves, scarves, ties ..., you can install a hanger inside the closet door and thus also make this part of the furniture profitable.

Organizers Use auxiliary elements, such as cloth or plastic bags, hangers, boxes with or without divisions, etc., that facilitate the order of small things. However, forget those accessories that are more a nuisance than a help. For example, multiple hangers to hang three or four pants: not only do they weigh a lot, they are also poorly handled and occupy a lot inside the furniture.

Group all your clothes and discard or donate what you don't use.
Closed boxes and wicker baskets are perfect for baby clothes, from shoes to hats or scarves.


Sheets. Put the bottom and countertop well folded inside the cover of your pillow, so you will not have the different pieces of the same game unbalanced and will take up less space.

Shoes. In the lower part of the cabinets. If you have them stacked, better in organizers or transparent boxes that open on the front, to see the content.

Handbags. If you keep them inside each other, leave the handles on the outside, in sight, to know that they are there.


Necklaces Use special dividers to prevent parts from getting tangled.


Size MattersBefore opting for a model, keep in mind the space you have (height, width and depth). A closet must be between 50 and 60 cm deep and at least 1 cm wide. The high, to taste.

Door openingIf you opt for folding, you need to have a minimum space of between 50 and 70 cm in front of the closet to open them without problems. In small rooms, the slides allow you to earn up to 1 m2 of passing surface.

Closet frontsSmooth, Japanese (divided into quadrants) or combined (body and exterior drawers), the fronts must adapt to the style of the room, such as the finishes: in DMC, solid wood, metallic, glazed ...

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Clothing: in sight?
Choosing glazed doors, like their absence, has its pros and cons. They enlarge the room and you see the interior at first but it demands you to be very tidy. Help yourself with boxes and shelves.

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