Tricks to make the perfect barbecue

Tricks to make the perfect barbecue

Although apparently it seems very easy to make and prepare, there are a number of keys that will make your meal very special.

Quantities Calculate well so you do not miss or miss: about 200 gr per person for starters, such as sausages, skewers or bacon, and 250 g of lean meats, such as wings, chops or steak.

The order does matter! First cook smaller and fatty foods, such as sausages or black pudding, as they are pieces that usually drip and take time to make. At the same time you can put the vegetables. The chicken will be next, because it is slow to cook. While you eat the entrees, prepare the veal or the lamb, which is made more quickly.

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Light the barbecue with time, so that the coals are not red, but whitish or gray and do not put the grill very close. This will cause the meat to cook at optimum temperature and not burn or stay raw. Make the fire with twigs, pineapples or organic material.

Not only meat

You can also make vegetables, fish and seafood barbecues. Roast onions, peppers, eggplants or zucchini, but be careful that they burn easily. Blue fish are juicy thanks to their healthy fats, and seafood, choose prawns or prawns.


The meat has to be before putting it on the fire. Take it out of the fridge at least 1 hour before and it will cook better inside.

To accompany

Prepare salads of lettuce, potatoes or seasoned tomatoes to compensate for fats. Nor can be missing drinks: beers, sangria, soft drinks and lemonade, which are very cold. For dessert, the best, the fruit. Cut watermelon and melon and they will disappear from the table.

Sauces and marinades

Do not forget to buy ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce, or make your favorite sauces like chimichurri or romesco yourself. You can also marinate the meat to improve the taste and texture or make rich marinades to paint it.