How to choose the perfect fan for your home or air conditioning

How to choose the perfect fan for your home or air conditioning


(Photo: Fan with 2 speeds and 25 W, from Hema.)

If you are having a lot of heat at home, do not hesitate to buy a fan or an air conditioning system today. On this page we tell you all about fans and other air conditioning systems.

If you opt for fans, you should consider these aspects:

Adequate air flow: This is expressed in m3/ h or m3/ m. A 15 m flow will be sufficient for a desktop model3/ m, while a 30 m room2 you will need 150 m3/ m.

For every taste: The column ones are the most sustainable; without blade, the quietest, and with blade, the most economical. Perfect all if they have 3 speeds.

Custom blades: Eye with its diameter in the ceiling fans! A small room will need a model with blades of 75 cm in diameter while a room of more than 25m2 It will require one of 132 cm.

It is important that you wear a protective grid (stand and table models), be stable and have safety labeling and CE symbol.

What power to choose? It will depend on the size of the room you want to refresh. There are models that reach 200 watts but the average is between 50-60 W. Ideal for medium rooms.

If you prefer air conditioning:

A pleasant temperature in the house makes the torrid summers of our country much more bearable. This is how you keep it.


What do you want to refresh? A room or the whole house? In the first case, a portable air conditioner may suit you. It does not have an outdoor unit, only an interior equipped with a tube that will have to be taken out through a window. In the event that you prefer to refresh the entire house, a Split air conditioner is appropriate: an outdoor unit and several indoor units.

What power should the team have. It depends on factors such as floor orientation, level of protection, etc. By way of orientation: in rooms up to 25 m2, opt for devices that reach at least 2,000 fridges, while if the spaces measure between 30 and 45 m2, the necessary power will be between 3,000 and 4,000 refrigerators.

For healthy environments, keep 24º C - 28º C, and 40% - 60% humidity.

Silent and efficient. The state-of-the-art air conditioning systems are not noisy and also offer numerous features. They are equipped with anti-dust and anti-pollen filters, so they improve allergies and asthma. Other filters eliminate bad odors and there are those that emit negative ions, to make healthier environments with many appliances.

With heat pump The majority of equipment incorporates this system: the expelled air, in addition to cold, can also be hot, thus heating the room in winter. It is cheaper than other heating systems and perfect in small spaces.

Before buying, look at the energy label of the air conditioner: the most efficient is A +++.

Inverter technology. The equipment works without sudden changes: the speed of the compressor is regulated so that it works at constant speed. This translates into energy savings, greater performance and thermal comfort.


Other optimal systems

Evaporative air conditioner. Portable device that cools a room using water to cool the environment.

Nebulizer fan In addition to air, it generates a refreshing mist, for which it incorporates a water tank. Great for outdoors.

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