Add a plus deco with side tables

Add a plus deco with side tables

The side tables They have gained prominence for a long time and take hold in the current deco alone or in duplicate. To its main function as a support element for the furniture of the living area, its undeniable decorative value is added. And, if their design is attractive, they are able to arouse visual interest on the pieces that accompany them, such as the sofa or armchairs. With flowers, a special lamp, ceramics, a figure or a center, they will be co-protagonists of the environment. That easy!

What you should keep in mind:

- Function To consider what use will be given is basic to choose one model or another. A table that will only be used to leave the mobile or display a floral arrangement, just has to do with another one where magazines or hobby material will be organized, such as point, reading, drawing ... Better with storage space, right?
- Very versatile. For small spaces, there are auxiliary tables in special measures and others that occupy the minimum; similar to a flown drawer fixed to the wall. The nest tables, with two or three units, are another excellent option. The small ones are placed under the big one to save space. When they are needed, you just have to take them out. In a meeting with friends will be the wild cards that complement the coffee table.
- More practical designs? Folding, with wheels, with drawer hidden under the envelope, with tray, with extendable wing, height adjustable ...

Advertising - Keep reading below Drum-shaped table

Change the chip! There are tables without legs and they are ideal, like this one with a drum shape and in a mint green tone with a lot of gloss. Very chic, this ceramic model (€ 230 at Casa y Campo). Candle holder, from Zara Home (€ 15.99). White vase (€ 11.99 in Sandra Marques). Armchair (€ 32.95), paper and carpet, by Leroy Merlin.

Jute carpet

There is another reason for style: grouping two designs of equal or different height energizes the decoration. Tables (€ 67 and € 89 at A Loja do Gato Preto). Bank (€ 71), mats and jute carpet, from Leroy Merlin.

Nest tables

Nest tables, by Car Möbel, in pine and steel; They measure 37 x 50 cm and 40 x 69 cm (€ 219).

Iron table

Black has a lot of visual impact on the decoration; As shown, this stylized design table. From its circular base, many crowned rods leave with an ultra-thin envelope. In total harmony, a pair of vases with reliefs and the carpet. Very current, this corner with a game of chiaroscuro, Nordic-inspired ... Iron table, with 50 cm in diameter (€ 155 in House and Field). Vases, from Kenay Home (€ 14.50 and € 16).
Canton Carpet, by Leroy Merlin (€ 28.95).

Wooden side tables

Pumpkin, light blue ... are tones that splurge joy and the perfect color counterpoint for wooden tables. The two bicolor vases go as a ring to the finger to this pair of side tables (€ 48.93 each in Los Peñotes). Vases, from Kenay Home (€ 15 and € 26).

Table with triangular legs

The fiber furniture, natural or synthetic, decorates terraces and porches, but also indoor environments, to which they contribute their texture and fabric. Colorful and original, this table with triangular legs (€ 97.43 in Los Peñotes). Vase (€ 11.99 in Sandra Marques). Mirror (€ 39.95 the set of three) and wallpaper (€ 14.95 / roll of 5.3 m), by Leroy Merlin.

Metallized bedside table

Bronze, brass and copper devastate decoration and add to the usual metals, such as gold, silver and chrome. Elegant, this classic table, which gains visual interest with its vintage bronze patina (€ 465 at Casa y Campo). Golden vases (€ 6.95 and € 8.95) and boxes (€ 19.95 each); They are from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Bins as bedside tables

surprise! Appearances are deceiving and much! These tables are, in fact, bins ... but placed face down, they transform. Perfect, alone or as a couple. Metal bins (€ 65.95 each in Casa y Campo). Lanterns: paper, by Leroy Merlin (€ 3.95 each); the one on the floor is from Kenay Home (€ 15).