A Nordic refuge in the heart of Madrid

A Nordic refuge in the heart of Madrid

Located in the center of Madrid this house has changed completely. Before outdated and not functional, the interior design studio and decoration shop RdeRoom renewed the distribution and interior design with an orientation towards bright, functional, spacious and more youthful spaces. All with a touch of distinction.
“The owners had inherited this house in the popular Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí. They loved him for what he supposed on an emotional level to be a relative's house, but they were very aware that he was standing in time and that, if they wanted to rent it and make it a good investment, they needed to update it and bring it back to the 21st century, ”says Rebeca Campo, architect and co-founder of RdeRoom.
To modernize the spaces, some aisles were reduced so that space was gained to create an en suite bathroom and a dressing room.
In the decoration, RdeRoom was based on the requests of the owners who wanted it to be shocking and current. The key was the Nordic inspiration: the geometric finishes in some elements such as cushions and carpets and the combination of gray, white and natural wood.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room

The sofa is the element that organizes the space of the house in living room and dining room. The dining room is next to the fireplace. The sofa is oriented towards the wall where the audiovisual furniture is placed.

An extra luminosity

The light that penetrates through the large window of the living room and the white of the walls provide a great feeling of spaciousness.

Floor lamp Kivo, for sale in the RdeRoom store.

Auxiliary parts

Solid wood logs fit the whole. They are also versatile and can be used both as a side table and a seat.

In natural wood

The natural wooden floor placed in a spike shape, the original one of the house, brings warmth.

General view of the room Decorative details

Coffee tables with a simple decoration and detail of the geometric carpet and the wooden trunk Woodie, in RdeRoom.

In front of the sofa

The Macael marble of the coffee tables adds elegance to the room. The tables are sold in various sizes in the online decoration shop of RdeRoom.

Color notes

The oil green of the vases arranged in the window, the mustard of the blanket or the marsala of the planter put the color note on the gray and the white base.

Distinguished decorative sheets

Arranged on the walls, on the fireplace or on the television cabinet, the sheets are protagonists in the living room.

Framed in frames of the Bloomingville firm, most of the plates come from Parisian fashion magazines of the 50s and 60s.

These details, exclusive and elegant, provide the touch of distinction requested by the owners.

The dinner room

The dining room, bounded by a carpet, is behind the sofa.

Table and chairs

Extendable dining table with white envelope and wooden legs in beech, Hills model, for sale in the RdeRoom online store.

The decoration on the table Matching tones

Also in the accessories that decorate the dining room table.

Next to the chimney

The dining room is in front of the fireplace, between it and the sofa.

A simple distribution ...

... that leaves the room clear.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, the team in charge of the reform opted for the total whitee, only altered by a wooden countertop and the retro touch of the scale in powdery pink, of the firm Bloomingville, in RdeRoom.

Industrial and retro air linings

The gray-tiled floor and tiled walls give a retro industrial style to this room in the house.

Corner in the kitchen

The furniture is organized on two parallel fronts. Wood and green stool mint, of the Nordic brand House Doctor, in RdeRoom.

Furniture up and down to store Very Nordic

This corner marks the Nordic essence that the studio sought throughout the decoration.

The main room

For the main room, blue and gray colors were chosen.

Warehouse in the bedroom

To gain storage space and make the space more practical, RdeRoom valued in the project of this integral reform a dressing room and a bathroom as part of the master bedroom. Even so, a dresser was incorporated in the room next to an armchair.

The cozy corner of the room A touch of color in the headboard

The ice blue headboard wall conveys tranquility.

Very decorative

On the textile headboard, sheets also decorate the wall.

The nightstand

The copper in the ceiling lamp and the choice of one of the table lamps add sophistication.

General view of the bedroom Bathroom

In the white bathroom and natural wood.

With a shower. A white and wooden toilet